Bandar April 28

April 28, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was a pretty solid day in Bandar. I finished my work and went to the Royal Regalia Museum where you can learn all about the Sultan of Brunei and the past Sultans of Brunei.

This isn’t a picture of the museum, it’s of the mosque at night taken on my night walk this evening. It’s very beautiful. By the way it’s about 90 degrees in the evening even when the sun goes down.

I thought the coolest thing about the museum were all the gifts on display from different countries.I did not see a gift from the USA but there was a gift from Canada. The museum is in a big building and it’s freezing inside. You take off your shoes to go inside and lock your bag in a little locker.

It’s free admissions. There are no cameras or cell phones allowed. There’s a pathway that you take through the museum to see all of the things inside. It took me over an hour. By the end I was itching to find the exit. This second picture shows some crazy colored drinks at the market today. It must be a saturday thing.

That’s all for today. There was a huge bug in my hotel room that crawled over my foot. I smacked it with the scale in the bathroom even though I hate killing bugs and usually leave them alone but this one sent me in a panic by crawling on me.

Next stop Kuala Belait!

Love, Annie


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