Bandar Working (and fun) Days

April 27, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

The last two days have been pretty good! Here I am on a boat going around the Kampong Ayer water village where over 10,000 people live on the water!

It’s pretty cool. The driver’s dad lent me his poncho, which was very nice. (We both got in the boat at first before he got dropped off at his house, in the village.) I originally wanted to just cover my bag, but then it started raining much harder. The driver, Mohammed, took this pretty well composed picture of me with the big mosque in the background. He even showed me his house, which was awesome so I got a pretty involved tour of the water village. I thought it would smell because I imagine the water is also the sewage area, but it’s fine.

The water village has 10 schools, a fire station, a museum, a mosque of its own, restaurants, a trash pickup system, etc. Really, everything!

Yesterday there’s not much to report because I was working all day inside malls and supermarkets in an area of town called Gadong.The coolest thing about yesterday was that I saw baby corns not in a can or in a stir fry!

I had no idea what they looked like but this gives a better sense. The packages are labled “young corns.” and they are not very expensive as you can see.

When I got back in the evening, I made a secret cocktail, a vodka soda, and enjoyed it with some dried broad beans I got at one of the supermarkets. It was quite a cocktail hour.

This morning while I was waiting for a Taxi to come, I wandered into this store and found this absolutely giant incense stick (it’s standing up next to the box) that burns for half a day.

They use it for ceremonies. Apparently it’s very heavy they wouldn’t let me pick it up. I learned about all the different prayer ceremony things they were selling the store. One of the men in the store pressed me about what religion I am. I told him i’m Education religion, always learning. He asked well what is my mother? I’m not sure what they think about Jews here, and i’m a bad liar, so I left.

That’s all for now. The internet in the hotel is so good that I’m going to watch the most recent Mad Men episode! Just one more full day here. I’ll finish my work and then hopefully go to the Royal Regalia museum to see all the awesome gifts given to the Sultan.

Love, Annie


4 Responses to “Bandar Working (and fun) Days”

  1. Bama Says:

    When I went to Bandar Seri Begawan about half a year ago I didn’t manage to go to Kampong Ayer (well, actually I was not that interested in going to that place). But sounds like I should at least pay a short visit one day! Btw how did you get the vodka? I thought it’s forbidden in Brunei.

    • annesandwich Says:

      Hey thanks for reading! The village was definitely worth a trip. Try to go when it’s not monsoon-ing. As for the vodka, you are allowed to bring alcohol into the country. I think the limits are not more than two liters or two bottles each 48 hours. I brought some over from Hong Kong. You have to declare it at customs, which I did, and it was no problem bringing it in.

  2. the streets seem so impressively clean. Sounds like it was an interesting day, love you

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