February 21, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

The Title means “Tuesday” in Portuguese. I arrived in Soyo yesterday morning! Soyo is in the Zaire province of Angola. It’s on the Congo river, the border to DRC.

This picture was taken from the car in the downtown area.

I was pretty glad to leave Luanda, if only for a few days (I’m going back on Thursday). It’s a little (okay, a lot) easier to work here because it’s much less hectic. No traffic, and the hotel is much nicer. Even though there’s not too much walking around to be done, the hotel has an outside area. It’s actually pretty luxurious. I don’t think that river is the Congo river, it’s one of the things that stems off of it.

When I saw the river I was excited to tell you it was possible to look at another country from the hotel balcony but it’s not true.

It’s Carnival right now, so many of the stores are closed, which makes it pretty difficult for me to work. It’s okay because I managed to get a whole lot done yesterday. Also, I might be getting a little sick. Not belly sick but head cold, and really tired kind of sick.

Here’s a picture of the carnival.

This is just a zoom in to show some of the colors. There are a lot more people outside dancing than you can see in this picture. I was going to take more pictures and get up closer, but a police man gave me the no way stop right now look and shook his finger at me so I promptly went back to the hotel.

That’s it. Tomorrow I plan to make a lot of work related Skype phone calls to Luanda because it’s a good use of time.



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