Day Off Angola

February 19, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was my day off, and it was actually pretty pleasant. I slept late and then got a ride to a nicer hotel to hang out at their outdoor bar. The guy who drove me, Machinde, was really nice and seemed to be about my age.

I had the hotel arrange a driver for me as mine was not working today. Machinde must have been a relative of one of the hotel staff. He dropped me off at 12:30 and picked me up at 5. I had no idea how the bar was going to be but I had to get out of the hotel where I am staying. Luckily, the roof bar at this other hotel exceeded my expectations. I brought a bathing suit and tanned and read and drank wine all day. The pool was so clean I even went swimming!

Its Carnival time here, and today was the kids carnival. The grown-ups carnival is on Tuesday.

While it would be cool to witness, it’s probably good I’m not working in Luanda during grown-ups carnival time. In the first picture, the crowd is starting to build. I took it from the roof bar.

This second picture is from the afternoon, the dancing and crowd is way bigger than it looks in the picture, but I like the shadows here. They closed all the roads all around the hotel. I eventually got back to the hotel and read, and ate dinner. I’m leaving early in the morning for Soyo! Looking forward to it.



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