Friday in Luanda

February 17, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Today I got up early and worked hard. I’ve been going around with my driver, Fernando.  He doesn’t speak any English but we’re getting along pretty well!

This first picture was taken from the car (we’re not supposed to open the windows…) near one of the bases near the port. I had to go there because that’s where the DHL office is located. I had a pretty difficult time getting into the office (which is in one of the corporate offices that’s heavily guarded) but once I got in it was very easy and took about 15 seconds to send my package.

I’ve noticed a few things that are in abundance here. First, police. There are heavily armed men Everywhere. I don’t have a picture of these guys. Obviously. Second, trash.

The streets are lined with it.

This picture isn’t such a good example of the piles, but it is a pretty brilliant color. Again this picture is from the car so I couldn’t tell you how it smelled. This is not from rain. I know it’s gross but I’m trying to give you an idea of whats going on here.

Third, there is an Enormous amount of traffic. Apparently, the city is only built to hold a fraction of people that actually live here. With the rapid development, tons of people are driving all of a sudden (not sure how sudden, but the streets can’t really handle the volume). It took us about two hours to drive 5 kilometers this afternoon.

Here’s a picture from my hotel room. You can see the port on the left and some city on the right.

It’s also very expensive here. I knew this coming in but I couldn’t believe that a red bull on the menu where I ate lunch was 11 dollars. I didn’t get one.

All in all, Im doing pretty well. Even though I can’t really wander around (my favorite thing to do in new cities), I’m not sick (knock on wood) and in good spirits and ready for another full day of work tomorrow.

Love, Anne


2 Responses to “Friday in Luanda”

  1. Ronna Benjamin Says:

    I guess it’s a great day in Luanda if you’re not robbed. This place looks horrific. Keep safe!!!!!

  2. Keep it up Annie! Love you

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