Windhoek Weekend!

February 11, 2012

Hi Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. Today was a great day in Windhoek. The hotel gave me a false wake up call at 7:00 AM that I wasn’t too happy about, but I easily went back to sleep.

Today I slept late, worked hard, and then had fun. Most things are closed on Saturday afternoon, so the city looks pretty empty here. This is a picture of Independence Avenue, one of the main streets. I’m on my way to a supermarket! The supermarket, unlike the streets, was packed! For brunch, I ate gazpacho and spinach ravioli at a nice restaurant overlooking Independence Ave.

After work, I hung out at the Hilton hotel. I had some work there too, but then there was this learn-how-to-make-drinks event going on in the bar where I was working.

After finishing work, I joined in on the fun. ! I met some nice people, and we tried lots of different cocktails.

This is a picture of the scene. That little tree-trunk table ended up with a lot more drinks on it!

My favorite was the whiskey sour. After that, I had dinner with a new friend Marcel from Australia. We had a wonderful conversation! I’ts such a nice special treat to make friends in new places.

That’s about it for today. I’m excited to watch some NBC (Namibian Broadcasting Corporation) and for a nice sleep.




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