working in cape town

February 8, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,
Hope you are doing well. The past few days have been fine; I’ve been working hard. The highlight was this Ethiopian restaurant I went to two days in a row because it was so tasty and the people there were so nice. Here is a picture of the coffee.

Tomorrow I go on a wine tour, pretty exciting. I have a lot of awesome days where I am excited about everything but this is not one of them. I’m sorry I’m not more cheerful like usual!

Love, Annie


3 Responses to “working in cape town”

  1. Annie, are you feeling okay? Are you disappointed in Cape town as you do not seem your usually up beat self! Hope everything is fine, love you

  2. annesandwich Says:

    hey bubbie! yeah, i’m okay.

    i’m just beat. and also I saw a starving woman today. i didn’t do anything to help and feel guilty and sad.

    on the whole though, cape town is awesome.

    i love you too!

  3. Ronna Benjamin Says:

    That’s why they call it work…life will be better tomorrow. And if it isn’t, then simply drink some wine. haha. love you, mom

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