cape town sunday!

February 5, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

I forgot to say something hilarious that happened yesterday! When I was eating lunch in a crowded outside area, a bird came over to me. I said hi to it and then it took a huge piece of my fish! How brave!

This picture is just another view of Table Mountain I took yesterday but did not get to include.

Today is Sunday, and I had another day off. I’m getting a little spoiled. Today I slept late. I was too late for breakfast but the wonderful lady at the front desk let let get some cereal, yogurt and fruit, and coffee! So nice. I apologized and thanked her so much and she said… well isn’t Sunday all about relaxing? It’s great that you slept in! My headache from last night was gone. Hooray!

After breakfast, I walked along the Atlantic coast and when I got to a beach I liked, I hung out there and read.

I was warned that the Atlantic coast had Freezing water — the Atlantic coast gets its currents from the Arctic ocean, while the bay on the other side of the cape is warmer with waters from the Indian ocean.

I didn’t think it was going to be as cold as it was… but I still managed to go swimming three times. It was an in and out kind of thing. I couldn’t last long in the water.

I’d had enough at the beach, and it was approaching 5:30, so I taxied back to the hotel and got ready for dinner.

I ate at a “Japanese tapas” restaurant called Haiku. I lingered over dinner for a long time and ate spinach steamed things, spicy soup, a tuna sashimi thing with avocado and cucumbers on rice, and a spicy chicken wonton. I can’t wait to go back another night and try more things. They have a really interesting menu but I got too full to try anything else. The eldest daugter of the family I visited on Friday night recommended it as her favorite place to eat in Cape Town. I can see why!

About halfway through dinner I noticed that my legs were hurting a lot. I thought maybe it was the  zippers on the zip-off pants I was wearing. When I got back to the room and took off my pants, I noticed that no, it wasn’t the zipper seam. I had clearly neglected the back of my legs when putting on sun cream at the beach today.

I thought I had been so careful! I even (awkwardly) gotten some people near me to help me with the parts of my back I couldn’t reach on my own!

Well, the back of my legs and my hips, the lovely part of my body that I inherited from my mom, is completely fried. They should serve me with some chili sauce like the one I had tonight. Or some nice olive oil if you like the tomato analogy. Good thing i’m an expert hoverer because its going to be very hard to sit in any chairs for the next few days.

I’m a little sad because tonight is the Super Bowl and the Patriots are in it and I’d love to be with friends on this fun night. I haven’t met anyone to watch the game with me at three in the morning. But all in all, i’m happy. I’ve had a nice two days of relaxing and am ready to get some work done tomorrow! and Go Patriots!!!!!!!!!




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