Hello Cape Town!

February 3, 2012

Hi Family and Friends,

I’m thrilled to be in Cape Town.

This morning, I woke up early to catch the Gautrain to the airport. It was as great as everyone said it would be. It was very clean, and after ten minutes of waiting, it only took about twenty minutes to get to the airport.  The only thing I didn’t like was that I got in trouble with the security guard for chewing gum. No gum on the Gautrian.

I had a successful flight, and an easy taxi ride to my hotel in Green Point. When I got to the hotel, I was so hungry. I had planned to eat breakfast and coffee in the airport in Johannesburg when I arrived, but they didn’t have very good options in my terminal. The hotel is more of a guest house. It’s in the most wonderful area. I took the first picture five minutes walk from where I’m sleeping.


I asked where I should eat, and the lady at the front said definitely Giovanni’s, it’s a lovely delicatessen about fifteen minutes walk away (and it’s safe to walk).

This second picture was taken on my walk to lunch. You can see the stadium (one of the world cup stadiums) and the trunk of a sweet tree. Giovanni’s is like a market/sandwich shop. What everyone was eating looked so good, so I asked for a menu. They said there’s not really a menu. It’s kind of a confusing process. You pick your roll and say what you want in it and they make you a sandwich. I was skeptical of this process because I was feeling lazy and just wanted to order something and also didn’t want to push to get a seat (it was very crowded) but made the correct decision to stay. Here’s my sandwich.

It has tomatoes, cucumbers (and a pickle on the side), mozz cheese, beef salami, sundried tomatoes,  lettuce, roasted red peppers I think, probably something else, and a little mayo/mustard sauce. When I go back, I’ll choose more wisely instead of just saying everything I liked. In any case, it was Extremely delicious. After lunch, I unpacked and then went for a walk to the waterfront… just the water, not the V&A waterfront area that I’ll be going to tomorrow.

The waterfront has a really nice park that in which i’ll definitely be spending some more time.  They have these outdoor work-out machines there that look so fun.

Heres just a “street view” from the green point area.

Tonight, I had shabbos dinner with my good friend’s mother’s cousin’s family. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening.

Even though the relation is kind of distant, this family took me in as their family. It was a special night to come because there were about 25 people there this evening. There were family, friends, and each of the three daughters invited friends! Cape Town University is starting up again tomorrow.I got to meet so many people, eat awesome home cooked foods, and see how some South Africans live!.

We spent four and a half hours just hanging out. They had three doggies- two are beautiful golden retrievers that I got to play with for a long time.  During this dinner I got so many suggestions for things I “must do” while i’m here. Looking forward to experiencing as much as possible.




One Response to “Hello Cape Town!”

  1. Have a good week in Cape Town. It is comforting to me that you have friends there and are relatively safe so no new grey hairs this week for the Bubbie!

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