Tuesday in Johannesburg

January 31, 2012

Hi Family and Friends,

I’ll start with Yesterday. I finished up my work in Mauritius and took a flight to Johannesburg. The flight was easy, and the arrival was also easy.

I’ve heard many horror stories about people losing or getting things stolen from bags in the OR Tambo airport, but I was lucky!

This first picture is of Maude Street in Sandton, took today.

The hotel here in Sandton (a district north of Johannesburg) is amazing. Very chic, very comfortable. Additionally, the shower is so good. This one ranks in the top five showers I’ve ever had in my life.

The hotel rooms are so modern and efficiently designed that I couldn’t find the closet/safe without asking someone to help. I tried to take some pictures but they don’t look that good.

This morning, I started work early in Sandton City.  Here’s a picture of what it looks like on the outside.

It’s just a big city with newish buildings. Theres a convention centre, business buildings, and the Johannesburg stock exchange is near where I am standing, there are a bunch of fancy hotels and restaurants. Nelson Mandela square is also in Sandton city.  I ate lunch at an Indian restaurant. It was good — not Mauritian good — but tasty enough!

Just because I have room, here’s a picture of Sophie. 🙂 

There’s not that much for me to do here, in part because of the safety risks. On the way over to the Mall area this morning, I noticed enormous fences guarding every house and on top of the fences is barbed/electric wire. I’m not supposed to walk outside alone at night.

Well, it’s cocktail hour, time for some wine. Tomorrow I’ll be going to some different areas so hopefully I’ll have cool pictures to show.




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  1. Annie, I love you and Happy Birthday, Bubbie

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