Spectacular Saturday

January 28, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was awesome. I got up this morning and started work, as Saturdays are working days.

After lunch, which was delicious Indian food that I ate outside, I was feeling pretty good about my work and decided it was time to get to the beach already. Time to take that swim that I’d been craving since I arrived.

The beach is not in Port Louis as it’s a city and harbour and you cant swim here, so I headed to Flic en Flac, a beach area on the west side of the island. I took the first picture from my hanging out spot in Flic en Flac.

Not to long after I sat down, some guys sat right down next to me and started bugging me, so I picked up my stuff and started walking down the beach. I ended up walking all the way to the next town, Tamarin.

Between Flic en Flac and Tamarin are a lot of resorts! I found some empty lounge chairs in one of the resorts, and just sat down and made camp. I had the attitude that my bubbie taught me to have (especially when trying to use bathrooms in fancy hotels), just walk in like you belong there, like you own the place.

No one gave me any trouble,  and they even had this mobile bar, a rolling cart that comes by every so often to sell drinks.

Awesome. I sat there and read, and went swimming, and read some more.  As you can see from the previous picture, there were some ominous looking clouds. So I changed and kept walking. I walked past tonnes of resorts. Each one had its own windsurf and little sailboat rental and fancy restaurant on the beach. It was kind of a long walk but extremely nice.

The next town, Tamarin, is at the base of that sweet mountain. Tamarin is one of the “nicer” areas for people to live here.

At one point, there was no beach left to walk, so I asked someone how I could get to Tamarin. He said that there was a path through the forest!

So I went. Here’s a picture of the path. It looks spookier than it was! And, I got to see cool views like the one pictured.

I arrived in Tamarin and walked around a little there. I saw some wild goats (they looked like goats, but stray dog size) and some men praying in front of a fire and then headed home.  This last picture of of a street in Tamarin.

Now I’m hanging out, drinking wine and am about to get some dinner.




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