pounding pavement in port louis!

January 27, 2012

Hi Family and Friends,

It’s been a busy two days. Yesterday I also worked all day. I went to a new part of town in the morning, and in the afternoon worked around my hotel in the Caudan Waterfront area.

The Caudan area seems to be the touristy shopping and more-expensive-food area of Port Louis.  They get a lot of cruise ships here! This first picture is of my lunch yesterday at the Caudan Waterfront.

This morning, I had a meeting in the area of Port Louis that was away from the waterfront! I found the address all by myself even though road signs are pretty scarce. The less touristy part of Port Louis is extremely interesting and vibrant.

Here is a picture of a cool way to sell pineapples that I took on the way back from the meeting.

I was kind of upset that I was not hungry at the time because there was a lot of great foods being sold on the street that I would have loved to sample. I’ll probably have to take a trip back to get some samosas.

Yesterday I had an interesting encounter in a mall.

I guess the mall owner’s wife saw me working and getting help from employees in each store, so she called her husband and security on me! I was asked to come with two guards and a businessman. Once I explained to them what I was doing, it was of course all right. But it was a process.

I was annoyed at the woman because she could have just come up and asked me herself because (at least in my opinion) she wasted everyone’s time.

This picture right here is just checking out the scene in Port Louis.

Anyway, back to today. After a long day, I went to a party at my hotel! I guess every Friday night the hotel hosts a happy hour that turns into a party that lasts until 2- am!

At the event, I met up someone I had met in my meeting earlier on today, and we had an awesome time! It was great to have some company.

Here’s a not-so-good picture of the event. It was really hopping, i’m not sure all the awesome is visible in the picture.

Time to go to bed!

Love, Anne


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