London and Hello to Port Louis!

January 24, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

It doesn’t feel like January here! After two days of travelling, I’m finally settled in Port Louis, Mauritius. The hotel is on the waterfront and has some great restaurants.

This is view from the Hotel. The room is also nice. I’m writing this blog post while sitting outside, looking out at the harbor, drinking some wine and eating banana chips. It’s warm, there’s a breeze, and the heat is not oppressive. Could be worse.  🙂 Also, the bartender said he likes my typing skills. Yeah!

Two days ago, I flew to London where I had a twelve hour layover. I arrived in the morning and after screwing around the city for a while (this was a little uncomfortable as I did not pack a jacket) I met up with my friend Scott, who is studying there at London School of Economics and (lucky for me) only had class in the morning.  He brought me a sweater to wear for the day and as soon as I put it on my day got 1,500 times better. 

We first went to eat lunch at a Korean food café and shared kimchee, spicy bimimbap, and a beef thing. It was absolutely delicious and nice and spicy and there were great sauces involved.  After that, we went to the British Museum and checked out the Rosetta stone and other cool things in the museum. I saw a lot of things I had studied in Art History class in college! and the museum is pretty beautiful. Then Scott showed me the LSE campus and his programs special room in which a lot of people study. It was very awesome. Here’s a picture of Scott (with my backpack… thanks for holding it) and part of the LSE campus.

We said goodbye and I took the express train to Gatwick airport. I found Gatwick to be extremely pleasant. The bathrooms were nice and it wasn’t crowded. Surprisingly, the almost twelve hour flight to Mauritius wasn’t bad at all… I got an entire row to myself because the flight was so “quiet”, and slept most of the way. I definitely needed it. After settling in to the Hotel, I went to explore Port Louis.

The way to get to the city centre from the hotel is by Water Taxi! I walked around and encountered this market that had AWESOME smelling spices in it. I found some food in another section of hte market that I could eat while walking… Roti, which is a kind of flat bread, with a spicy mixture inside (I just asked the guy selling it for whatever was the best). I dropped some on my shoe and it got into my toes but that was the worst thing that happened today so I can’t complain!

Hope you are well!




One Response to “London and Hello to Port Louis!”

  1. Great blog, Annie! I wish I could be there with you, walking through markets, dropping roti in my sandals, enjoying the view from the harbor. Such difficult work! Remember this day when you are in Angola!

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