Happy New Year!

January 15, 2012

Hi Family and Friends,

Just a quick update from Boston. I hope you’ve had a happy holidays and new year! Last week I went to Vail to ski with my family. Here is a picture of the girls of the family after lunch (From left to right: Me, Mom, little sister Melissa) I know, Melissa has some amazing hair. There are other amazing things about her (obviously) but her hair does stick out in this picture.

We had a great family week and awesome days of skiing even though only thirty percent of the mountain was open. Apparently, this was the first time in twenty years or so that the “back bowls” weren’t open for Christmas time. It just hasn’t snowed very much.

Here is another picture, this one is of the family kids in Vail Village. In this picture, everyone is healthy.

Unfortunately, the next day (our first day of skiing) Eddie tore the ligament in his shoulder on the mountain. (the A-C Ligament). 😦 He was out for the week but maintained admirably high spirits. He fell at the top of the mountain and still made it all the way down – totally bad ass.

Lastly, here is a picture of my dad and me at lunch at the Two Elks lodge way to the left side of the mountain. We really liked this lodge. They hand you tissues when you walk in and the bathrooms are great in part because they have candles burning inside the bathroom. They also have great food (I ate the Veggie Chili and French Fries both times we went but they also have a Rockin’ salad bar and other things too). The first day it was beautiful and pretty warm so we ate outside. Bright sun and beers– all smiles in this picture!

One week from today, I’m leaving for my next survey assignment to Southern Africa! I’m headed to (in this order) Mauritius, South Africa, Namibia, and Angola and couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be flying through London and have enough time there to visit a friend studying there, so that’s a bonus.

See you in a week or so from Port Louis!


One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Thanks for the skiing update and pictures. They are awesome. Hope to see you before you go to S Africa, love you

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