working and wandering on saturday

November 19, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Today and yesterday have been pretty decent. I’m getting giddy about going home soon! Yesterday I worked, and the today I worked and wandered around. Yesterday I had an appointment that took me to the older part of town.

This picture was taken from a restaurant on top of a hotel  that I went to because I had to pee. When I was very little, my Bubbie (grandmother) gave me some very good advice. She said whenever you have to pee, go into a fancy hotel and walk in there like you own the place. I do this all the time. I’ve peed at some unbelievable hotels. The Ararat Hyatt in Moscow had fresh orchids in each stall. This particular time, I got lucky too. I saw a sign for the top floor restaurant and went up there and got this view!

After my meeting, I tried an interesting way to get back to the newer part of town, a little trolley.

I didn’t actually know where it went, but saw that it went UP, and I definitely needed to go uphill so went for it. This trolley  runs basically 150 or 200 feet (best estimate) up and down a hill connecting the older and newer parts of Kiev. It must be pretty old, but a lot of people seem to use it. It costs 1.5 hryvna (gryvna… the Ukrainian currency is so hard to pronounce) which is just about nineteen cents a ride. This picture of the trolley is from earlier in the day. When I rode it after the meeting, it was just about dark. I got up to the top and found myself at a plaza I had been to the other day near some churches. There were some bells ringing and it was misty outside and quiet (there were people around, but no cars where you get off) and I felt like it could have been a long time ago.

The exit was right near this church area that I went back to today. The colors on some of the churches are just awesome. Also, I can’t believe they didn’t charge me to get into the church courtyard.  I was expecting to shell out lots of hhggrryyyvnas to get close to this one.  Before going to the church, I walked through the main street that was closed off to cars. There was some kind of event going on although im not sure what it was. There were students in graduating university-outfits,

a bunch of people in orange construction hats (which might have something to do with the Orange revolution), some people in sports uniforms, others holding flags, and what sounded like very inspirational speech that at times triggered much cheering from the crowd.

At one point during the day, I wandered down this path near that church from before where many paintings were being sold. I wandered further down the street and found this seemingly never ending souvenir pathway that was never ending. It was just a pathway because there was construction on the road next to it.

Back home they definitely wouldn’t let people walk so close to a construction site. At one point a metal barrier wall swung out from its tie and almost hit the guy in front of me. It was definitely startling. On the pathway, they sold traditional Ukraine clothing and textiles (the red embroidery on white cloth), soccer jerseys, antique cameras, and old things like coins, pictures, hats, etc. from the soviet union, beads, knit hats etc.  In this picture is the sweet green church, the construction around it, and down to the left is the beginning of the souvenir pathway.  I had a picture of myself in front of the church that I wanted to share but it’s not as good.

Some people really don’t know how to take pictures. The lady that took it cut off most of the church, I’m not sure why. She took another one, but at a slant. Gosh. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find someone that can take a good picture around here. I never ask anyone to take another picture though unless they offer because I feel really annoying to ask them in the first place.  It’s very exciting though when it happens and a picture shows up on the camera with me AND with the interesting subject in the scenery. Maybe tomorrow. I have more pictures to share but will wait until I have more things to say. I’ve been writing more than necessary and blabbing a bit so that the pictures on this blog look good in the middle of lots of writing.

Anyway, many hugs and kisses. Good night!



One Response to “working and wandering on saturday”

  1. Ronna Benjamin Says:

    Great item! Come home already!!!!! Sending lots of love! Mom

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