sunday in moscow!

November 13, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Today I slept late and my headache finally went away. I started with a nice walk from the hotel towards the Kremlin. I went on a pedestrian only street that sells a lot of souvenirs and has a lot of cafes and other shops. Here’s a picture:  not bad! I found the best deal around for some shirts and got some for my brother and sister, I miss them very much. I went to eat breakfast at an international foods cafe, which was cool, except I didn’t have much appetite. The menu had different foods with flags indicating where the food was from.

After this walk, I went to the Kremlin with the intention of seeing the Diamond Fund. I think the diamond fund was closed or something by the time I got there, but I went in anyway and took some pictures and saw some other exhibits. Here I am at a funky church:

I feel really annoying asking people to take pictures of me, but I guess that’s one of the things you have to do when traveling alone.  After the Kremlin, I went back to the hotel and hung out and then went to dinner. I had homemade tagliatelle with meat sauce and it was really good. The people at the Italian restaurant are my friends here. During dinner I read a magazine that I found in English about Baku, Azerbaijan. I have a colleague that went there or is going there this quarter! She might even be there right now! Looks very interesting.

Here’s a picture of that fancy market in the bottom floor of the Tsum. I snuck it because I’m not sure pictures are allowed there, but no one gave me a hard time.

I’m getting a little sick of everyone here, seems like there is a little more rudeness than I’m used to. For example, on the street people  just smack into each other (sometimes really hard!) and don’t acknowledge it. And in the entrances and exits to the subway, there are these heavy swinging doors. No one (except tourists) holds them so when you follow someone thinking they may hold the door because they are very close in front of you, it smacks you in the face. 

Here’s one more picture from inside the Kremlin.

I’m excited that tomorrow is my last day and then on to Kiev.



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