saturday in moscow

November 12, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m feeling a little sick and a little sad right now, but i’ll do my best. Here’s a picture of a synagogue in Moscow I visited today. I like this picture because you can see the star at the top and also the nice columns. 

I just learned that my Zadie passed away last night, and this is the reason i’m sad. Mostly sad not to be with my family on this day. Zadie was pretty old and also very sick with parkinson’s disease, but my mom told me he was at home and comfortable when he died. For those who don’t know Yiddish, Zadie means grandpa.

I’ll say a little bit about my Zadie before continuing. Not too much because it’s sad to think about this when i’m alone and can’t have any hugs. But he was extremely funny and loving and a great grandfather. He had a joke that I think about all the time when I’m eating. When he ate a lot he used to say that he was “eating like he had two assholes!!”.  HAHAH! Also, he taught me how to play the card game Gin, one of my favorite games. Not the rummy kind, but straight Gin. He would beat me and say “Whats the name of this game!!!???” and slap the card face down on the table. Also, seems like he was a great dad, because he has great kids!!

I’ll certainly miss him and remember him from when I was littler and he wasn’t so sick and he smiled huge and laughed a lot.

This morning, I slept as late as possible, which wasn’t that late, went to the Cosmonaut museum. A colleague said it was one of the cooler things he did in Moscow. It was definitely cool, but I didn’t learn much because all the explanations were in Russian. Here I am with something:

I was not supposed to take that picture. I think you have to pay extra to take pictures but oh well. After the museum, I was very hungry because I hadn’t eaten breakfast but was also feeling picky and didn’t want to eat just anywhere. Meals are very important.

I ended up at an Uzbek restaurant and it was well worth the wait. The server really liked me. He asked if I had ever had Uzbek food and I said no but I had Kazakh food as I just spent some weeks in Kazakhstan, and I really like “bursack” and Manty. I say it like a combination of “bursan” how someone spelled it for me and “ballsack” how it’s pronounced. My Zadie would have liked the name of this food. “Our special bread is ballsack” “Great, I’m so glad you have my favorite food!!”

Anyway the server said that he was from Kyrgyzstan and they have those foods there. I had soup, salad, and some pilaf all very delicious. After lunch, I visited that Synagogue. And I started to get a nasty, pounding headache really bad. I started walking to the Kremlin to go inside and to see the diamonds and jewels museum but my head started to hurt so badly and I was feeling too sick to think so I went back to the hotel.

Here’s another picture of a subway station.  I can’t get over the Subway.

It was about 5 pm when I got back to the hotel and i’ve been lying in bed watching South Park and Gossip Girl all evening. My head is still throbbing even with the Excedrin. I was too tired and hurty to get dressed and go downstairs for dinner so I ordered room service for the second time in my life. Now it’s time for a good sleep.


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