Moscow Day 2

November 10, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Yet Another great day in Moscow! This morning, I got on the subway again to visit a shopping mall outside of the town center. It was a much less glamorous area of Moscow, and interesting to see. To get there, I took one of the subway lines all the way to the end. I’m very impressed with the subway line. So far no problems, and even the station at the way end is very pretty, nice to look at and be inside and the trains come very quickly.

This picture is just a street I liked. After that excursion, I went to an Armenian restaurant back in the center of town. At the beginning they give you lavash with some homemade yogurt and herbs and radish to roll up. Then I had spicy soup with lamb and chickpeas and vegetables and a big hot pepper inside of it, and then for dessert the best Halva I’ve ever had. I tried to buy some for someone special at home but the staff told me sorry, it’s from Armenia. Damn! Well I hope to get there soon.

After that tasty lunch, work took me to an very glamorous shopping centre, the TSUM. Estee Lauder was having some kind of event there and they were doing something to some models’ faces. I tried to ask someone what was going on but no english. At the mall there were some robots in sexual positions that I found extremely amusing so I took some more pictures. Here’s one of my favorites.

I’m not sure what the robots were doing in the store, and tried to ask someone but that also didn’t go very well. There’s a very fancy supermarket at the bottom of the TSUM where I got an apple. It was Fabulous. They wouldn’t let me take pictures of it and I didn’t want to sneak for fear of getting kicked out. After the TSUM, it was dark out and before taking the subway home I went to see the red square at night.

Two thumbs up!



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