Moscow Day One

November 9, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was a great day in Moscow. I got up before the alarm (probably due to the time difference between here and Novosibirsk), got dressed, ate some breakfast, and got right on the subway. It would have taken me an hour to walk to my first destination! The subway system is extremely complex and it seems to work beautifully. This may be wrong but it worked well today and I think a lot of people take it as there is a lot of traffic here. I was taken by surprise because to get to the trains you have to go about a mile down on an escalator. I was also surprised at how beautiful the train stations are.

Here’s one example. It was a little bit difficult and overwhelming to nagavate the subway system because it’s all in Russian.

My first stop was the Gum shopping mall. Wow. It was also very beautiful and overwhelming. Since it was a snowy and gross day, it was hard not to spend more time in there, but I pushed on. Here’s a picture of inside the Gum.

This picture actually doesn’t really show you what it looks like, but i tried to capture it. After the Gum, I walked outside and Boom red square. I wasn’t going to visit the red square today because today was a working day (and it was not a good day to take happy pictures so I’ll have to go back) but I just happened to see…

 Pretty cool after a lifetime of pictures of this building. You can’t tell in the picture but it’s horrible outside. It’s snowing/raining, and cold. After a lot more walking and working, I had the best Tuna sandwich I’ve ever had for lunch.

I’m not sure what was special about it. I washed it down with some cider– Happy autumn.

I took the subway home. I took the Brown line, which is the line that goes in a circle and connects many of the other lines. Right before I got on the subway I saw this scene and thought it was an interesting view of the city.

That’s about it. I went back to the hotel and

worked more.  I’d like to mention that I think I saw a fancy hooker drop off / pick up from a business man staying at the Hotel. I’d also like to mention that tipping here is interesting. The servers get paid way more than their counterparts in the US (I read somewhere that they make slightly more than teachers, go figure) so tipping is really like an extra.

Also It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow. I think she’s turning 35 or something. Happy Birthday Mom!!!!



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