even more Novosibirsk

November 6, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Done with another two nice days in Novosibirsk. I’m really enjoying my time here. I think it has to do with the size of the city — I can walk nearly everywhere! Yesterday I was finished and about to get up when 30 huge guys with blue matching uniforms walked into the breakfast room… okay… maybe i’ll have another cup of coffee.

Turns out, it’s the Dynamo Hockey team here from Moscow! Nice. I wanted to say good luck but I didn’t know how. And I also didn’t want to be a bother. I snuck this picture though. Apparently they had a game that evening.

After that exciting breakfast, My work took me past the Novosibirsk train station, a stop on the Trans Siberian Railroad (Ferrocarril!). They let me walk through where you go to the platforms, without a ticket!

After walking around the train station for a little, I continued on with work. Not much else to note about the day. I had a great dinner in a restaurant called “Beerman,” and it was cool because the place was pretty crowded and the food was decent!

They have some crazy garlic bread here that i’m planning to make when I get home. They basically lightly fry some brown bread cut into sticks. So its crispy on the outside and bread on the inside. Then you have a spicy dipping sauce.

No pictures from today so here’s another of the train station.  Today was a Sunday so I slept late. Since there’s not that much to do here, I worked a little, but at a slow, leisurely pace that allowed me to see even more of the city.

For breakfast, I went to a little cafe that had Manti (my new favorite food) and some cabbage salad and some green tea. They didn’t speak English and I think thought it was a little weird that I walked in (the chef was looking at me really funny), but the food was delicious. It seems like usually the best places to eat, at least the most delicious, are the ones that are not speaking English. Of course it’s more difficult to order and sometimes it’ goes wrong, but usually worth the effort.


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