Novosibirsk Continued

November 4, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was a great day in Novosibirsk. I was very productive and got to see the city on a sunnier day.  Here is a picture from my hotel room. Pretty sweet view!

I think you would call these “soviet-style” buildings. While it was mostly cloudy, the sun peeked out a few times. Today was “Unity Day” in Russia. I was worried that stores would be closed forcing me to put off my work, but fortunately, they were not.

As I walked into Lenin Square this morning, I saw many flags and heard loud Music and Speeches.

Here is a picture of the events. I was not able to get any closer because of the security guards. There were Many security guards around the square.  I’m standing at one of the entrances to the subway and underground walkway systems. For pedestrian crossing of major roads, they have underground passages. Some have shops inside. Here’s a picture of the inside of a walkway-subway enterance. 

For lunch, I went to a little cafe with no english. One of the patrons noticed that I was having a lot of trouble ordering so she came over and helped me. I had a fabulous lunch of salad and fried eggs with lots of vegetables. Unlike yesterdays, this salad was great. Lettuce, pine nuts, grilled eggplant and tomatoes, and olive oil dressing. I’m noticing a lot of pine nuts here. Pine nuts and Dill.

After lunch, I went back to Lenin Square and saw these enormous statues close up. I took this picture with the little kid under the statues to show how big they are.

That’s about it. For dinner I ate at the hotel and had some more good salad and salmon and rice. I’m pretty impressed with the food at this hotel.

Hoping for good weather tomorrow! Hope everything is well with you.


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