Pictures from Almaty

November 3, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Thanks for bearing with me and reading this blog even though it hasn’t had any pictures for a while. I’m hanging out in my hotel in Novosibirsk, and hooray pictures are uploading! Here are some of my favorites.

This first one is from my first day in Almaty. It’s really a beautiful city.

And here’s another from Almaty from a different view. All the streets are lined with trees!


Here’s the Kok Tube…


I didn’t make it up!


Here’s a lady selling pomegranates.  She thought it was pretty hilarious that I wanted to take a picture of the pomegranates.

Here’s the Shambyulak ski resort and the Tien Shan Mountains. Ah so beautiful. This is on the top of the first Gondola.

Here I am hiking around in the Tien Shan mountains. I normally wouldn’t bring a grocery bag on a hike but hadn’t gone back to the hotel after the market…

And here’s another picture of Almaty that I thought was pretty.




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