Arrived in Astana

October 27, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Not much to report today. I said goodbye to Almaty and had an evening flight to Astana. I’m at the hotel safe but it’s not the nicest place. I’m feeling a little sick and not very hungry for dinner.

On the airplane I sat next to a Korean man who made me very uncomfortable. He wouldn’t leave me alone and I just wanted to read my book. Usually I like communicating and learning about people in the world but not this time. Also I didn’t like how he was hitting on me and brushing my leg and tried to give me a neck massage. He gave me his number and I ripped it up as soon as I got to the hotel. I feel better after a shower. That was my last flight on Air Astana. Good thing it was really short just about an hour and a half I think.

My first impression of Astana was in the dark but there are a lot of futuristic looking buildings. It’s snowing here and I think it might have snowed in Boston too today. I love snow but am having a hard time appreciating it right now.

I apologize because pictures are still not working for the blog here and there are many great ones to share from Almaty.



One Response to “Arrived in Astana”

  1. Hey Anne, I do worry about you and hope you are feeling better. How about trying to buy a hat pin in a local store. It is large, for a pin, but it can be concealed easily in your jean pant’s seam. If anyone gets near and bothers you just stab him with the pin. It wont kill of course, just stun him enough so you can move away. It was a trick I learned in a self defense course and told your mom and aunt[s about and they. I am sure, think I am nuts but for years I wore it and felt empowered. A hat pin is about 3 inches long with a head on it. I love you so, Bubbie

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