Super Saint John Saturday

August 27, 2011

Ohh haaayyy Family and Friends,

Another great day in Saint John. I got up and got some “speedball” coffee from the local coffee shop. Nothing illegal, they say it just has extra caffeine. Pretty tasty. Then I went to check out the City Market. Thinking it was just a regular grocery store, I was surprised to find:

A cool farmer’s market of sorts! I spent the rest of the day working, and was able to get a lot done. By around 6:30, I had had enough, so I went back to the hotel and got ready for dinner.

For dinner, I went to a place called Grannan’s to get some seafood. I sat outside looking at the waterfront and listening to some live music … not bad. I got fish and chips and Caesar salad. When I ordered the salad, the server asked, “since we make it from scratch, what level of garlic hotness do you want?” One of the benefits of being alone is that I could say “super strong…the most garlicky you can make it!” :).

It was great. After dinner, I walked around and ended up in a funny candy store called Freak Lunchbox. They played dance music in there and have hilarious candy items. Now, I think i’m going to watch The Town. Hope everyone had a nice day.



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