Wednesday in Toronto

August 24, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Another great day in Toronto. I’m sitting now at the restaurant in the hotel eating some tomato and dill soup. It’s storming like crazy outside and there’s supposed to be a tornado! I went out earlier to a bar and for a walk, but clearly came back at the right time (when it started to pour)!

Earlier this evening at the bar, I sat next to a girl that lives in Baltimore. She is up in Toronto on business as well. She came to the US from India for college, and this surprised me because she didn’t have even the slightest accent! She said that her first language was English, even though she grew up in Calcutta and her parents are from India. Apparently, there are many families in India that speak English at home. I did not know that! We were both happy to have learned something new. She learned that there are people that do what I do. Also, she had gone to business school in Boston so that was something nice and common. Not the business school part, obviously.

I was jealous that she felt the earthquake that occurred a few days ago. She was on the 7th floor of a building, and in contact with her colleagues in Baltimore that apparently Really felt it. She said that she all of a sudden felt dizzy like she was drunk and the curtains were shaking! I think I was in a supermarket that was below ground level when it occurred. I’ve never experienced an earthquake before and have always been fascinated by them (please note I’m not asking to be in one and realize that it’s important to be careful what you wish for).  I had no idea about the earthquake until a friend from home asked if I had felt it. He hadn’t either! I’m wondering if anyone around Boston felt it? What was it like?

On my walk, I went up to the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre, where there’s a restaurant with a fantastic view. I took a picture but it’s not loading onto my email, so I may have to wait until tomorrow to post it.  I had originally gone up there to eat dinner, but they were playing some love-y music like they play in CVS, the kind that easily induces crying (at least for me) so I left because I didn’t want to feel too lonely. I’m glad I went up there for the pictures though.

During the daytime, I did lots of work, and when it was time to do some online work I did laundry. The laundry experience at this hotel was extremely pleasant. Tomorrow is my last day in Toronto! The week went by so quickly.




2 Responses to “Wednesday in Toronto”

  1. laurahartson Says:

    i love toronto. glad you are enjoying it

  2. Ronna Benjamin Says:

    Hey Annie! Dad felt the earthquake while sitting at his desk. He said that he just felt drunk or a bit dizzy- a very wierd feeling. I think I was driving around in my car and didn’t feel a thing. Anyway, hurricane Irene is supposed to hit landfall in NY on Sunday….the EXACT date that we are moving Melissa into NYU. Good timing, huh? Love you!

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