Toronto Continued

August 24, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope everyone is well. I’m having a great time in Toronto, continuing to use the Bixi bike system and my feet to get around, and a streetcar once. This is the first city I’ve been to this month without a rental car, and it’s fantastic to not be stressed about parking.

Speaking of parking, I didn’t mention an interesting system they have in Calgary (I haven’t checked it out yet here because there has been no need). There, if you park downtown, you pay at an electronic station. There aren’t physical meters, only signs that mark off each parking area with a number. You can pay by credit card in a nearby electronic kiosk using the number for the area and your license plate. Although you can only put in money for two hours, you can refill the “meter” from any electronic kiosk in the city. Sweet!

The past few days have been awesome. I have been working hard and eating well and definitely enjoying my time here. Today, I had sushi for lunch, and ate caprese salad for dinner on the waterfront. Here’s a picture of some of the waterfront. 

Even though it’s a big and bustling city, I haven’t been meeting as many people as I have in other cities. I’ve done a ton of observing though, but have been too tired and focused on working these past few days to get out on the town. I’m sure I’ll make it to a hopping bar at some point.

I wish this post were more exciting but I’m kind of in a zone (and I’ve yet to go to any of the Amsterdam-like coffee shops that they have here in Toronto)!

One exciting thing is that I’ve been watching The Simpsons! It’s on the Canadian comedy channel after Conan and I’ve been watching it because I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep. The TV in this hotel is very modern, unlike the TVs in the past hotels, so I’ve decided to take advantage of it. I had only seen one episode of The Simpsons before I got to Toronto and I’m enjoying the experience.

Anyway, more soon! I’m happy to have a few more days here, and also excited to be home in just over a week. Also, I wanted to say Thank you for reading this blog! I just checked out my stats (a cool feature of wordpress) and it looks like more than a handful of people are reading this! so Thanks for following.




One Response to “Toronto Continued”

  1. so jealous, i love toronto

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