Sleepy Sunday in Toronto

August 22, 2011

I say sleepy because I slept until noon. I didn’t go to bed until at least after 4:45. Napping doesn’t agree with me…

Hi Family and Friends,

This post will be short because it’s pretty late. I woke up today and got back on the rental bikes because I still had some time left in my 24 hour already-paid-for slot. I explored some areas I had not seen yet and then went to Chinatown for Brunch. I went to a place called Asian Legend for dim sum (the lady I met yesterday recommended it). It was great. I had broccoli and steamed Shumai. There was a screaming baby in the restaurant but it was still great! (Plus, I wasn’t trying to have a conversation with anyone). This baby was insane I can’t believe the parents took her out.

Anyway, Here is a picture of Chinatown: It’s more bustling than it looks in the picture.

After brunch I kept on exploring, and then I went shopping a little when it started to rain, and then continued to explore. I saw where the blue jays play and it looks like it’s indoors!

After that, I went back to the hotel and did lots of work.

That’s pretty much the whole day. I’m excited for work tomorrow and to see more of the city!

All the best,



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