Goodbye Calgary, Hello Toronto!

August 20, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

First things first: A HUGE smiley-faced Congratulations to my Great friends Alex and Suzanne because they just engaged to each other!! I really love you both, probably not as much as you love each other, but a whole lot.  Your happy news really made my day. Hoorrayayy!

Goodbye Calgary: My last day in Calgary was difficult, and busy. I worked for a long day and then went to dinner. I got frustrated with the traffic and from the moment I got to Calgary at one in the morning on Wednesday I was overtired so that didn’t help things feel so smooth. Dinner was great but then I got insulted by some guys on the street because I wouldn’t give them two dollars (I didn’t even have Canadian money with me). I don’t want to go into the details here. I would have liked to spend just one more day in Calgary in order to go to Banff, which is supposed to be Beautiful, but I figure I’ll go back sometime during Ski Season. Needless to say, I was excited to leave. Here’s a picture of the view from my hotel room in Calgary. 

Hello Toronto!: I woke up at 3:30 this morning because I had a 6am flight to Toronto. Fortunately, the flight from Calgary to Toronto was direct so I had a short overall traveling time. Now I’m back on eastern standard time. On the plane, I watched The Departed. What a cool movie. I had seen it before but forgot about it.  The flight was bumpy and scary! Probably the bumpiest/scariest plane ride I had ever had.

Arriving in Toronto, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I did not have a car rental booked which was good news because I was in no shape to drive. I fell asleep in the Taxi to the hotel.

After a two-hour, extremely necessary nap, I was ready to go explore. I decided to take the afternoon to relax and reset. I went for a long walk in order to see the city and to search of the perfect thing to eat and settled on some phở from small Vietnamese restaurant. I walked a little more and when I got tired of walking, rented a bike from the bike sharing things they have here called the Bixi system (they just opened one up in Boston, definitely worth a try) and finished exploring by bike. That was a great idea. It was at about this point when I got a happy call from Alex that made my day so much better. Toronto is a very busy, happening city.

I went into a store that had some funny things in the window (like a mini toilet plunger you can use to prop up your iPhone) and it turns out the girl at the counter went to Emerson! Of course. We chatted for a little about the food in Toronto and the multicultural-ness of the city and how that makes the food totally awesome. She gave me some great recommendations.

I walked and biked up until it was time for a late-ish dinner, so I went to a wine bar/Italian food place a little north of my hotel. I sat in the lounge and thoroughly enjoyed some fancy salad and wine. Unfortunately I dropped some olive oil on my shirt (and i don’t have any oxy-clean!!!), but fortunately, I was not wearing a fancy shirt.

I sat next to a couple that I found Extremely boring but highly amusing. They were both very very blond and wore J crewey clothing. They both got boring personal pizzas. One with pepperoni and the other with pepperoni + some vegetables. I thought they should have split a pizza and an appetizer because there were many many awesome things on the menu. They talked quietly about their pizza, the weather, their pizza again, getting suits tailored, and the wine (they both got a glass of the same thing.) and then how they should have split a pizza and an appetizer. Boooorrring. They didn’t even play any footsie.  I was hoping to be entertained by some top sider vs. canvas flip flop footsie but none occurred.

I walked back to my hotel (I forgot to say that the hotel is really nice!) after dinner in a very happy mood. It was a little rainy and windy but very pleasant and much less hot than it was during the day. Now im back at the hotel. I’m going to go get some tooth paste and soda water from the 24 hour convenient store down the block and call it a night. I’ll see about some Toronto pictures for tomorrow.

Love, Anne


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