Another great day in Anchorage

August 15, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

I write to you from my hotel room, having had another great day in Anchorage, as you can see from the title of this post. This morning, I woke up and went back to the weekend market to get some breakfast. I had some nice coffee, and bought some almonds (some wasabi-coated ones and some butter toffee ones) for my future plane rides, and then decided on some Colombian food for breakfast. I had a great little taco with steak. The woman that made it was from Colombia and had been living in Alaska for 30 something years, and her little son put on the toppings, salsa, lettuce, etc. for me. Great fuel for the day.

After breakfast, I headed to Flat Top mountain for a highly recommended hike. It was so nice. It took me awhile to find the parking lot and trailhead, but it was certainly worth it. Here’s I am at the summit.

Clearly, It’s a little foggy in this picture. Walking up, I could barely see 10 feet in front. On the way up, I met some Pilots, Scott and Steve, but didn’t walk up with them because (as those who’ve gone hiking with me before know…) I like to take my time going up hill and didn’t want to slow them down. Coincidentally, Steve was from Saugus, MA! Gosh what a small world.

At the top, I met up with Steve and Scott again, and fortunately, the clouds cleared up and the view looked more like this:

Very cool. You can see the mist from the clouds rising in the picture! That’s Anchorage in the back ground. I walked back down with Scott and Steve and learned that they were pilots for UPS, and they’ve traveled around the world (a lot together!) It seemed like they had such a nice friendship and there was a great dynamic between them, so it was nice to tag along. They were so welcoming and interested in my work. We discussed, among other things, beeeaahhhs, Steve Maaahtin movies, and drinking wahta. It was a nice to speak to someone with an accent that’s so close to home. And of course, it was great to speak to such nice people! Here is a picture of the pilot pair on the way down:

After finishing the hike, it took about three hours total at a leisurely pace, I decided to get some lunch at Bear Tooth. It was much less crowded than last time but no less tasty. I stuck with what I knew, the fish tacos, one blackened, one beer battered, and it was great. After lunch, I went back to the hotel and did some work.

I got a little lonely around that time probably because there was down time, and boredom is kind of an enemy of mine, but after speaking with my brother and then a wonderful friend from home, I felt much better.

At that point, it was time for a late dinner. I got myself dressed and headed to Glacier Mountain Brewhouse, another favorite that I knew had good salads. I was craving a good salad. They have one with a lot of lettuce, bleu cheese, pecans, and grapes cut in half.  Here’s another picture from the Flat Top summit: The top is flat, I believe, because of some earthquakes a long time ago.

Dinner was delightful. I sat with a man John from Texas who is in Anchorage on business, and a retired couple from San Diego who are traveling Sometimes I can’t believe how great people are. We talked through the whole thing, and all three of these people were very well traveled. We talked books, airports, awesome places around the world, work, getting sued, etc. etc. It was just so pleasant. John insisted I have a bite of his creme brulee, which wasn’t exactly a chore.

That’s all for today, tomorrow is my last full day here and I’ll be finishing up my work, soaking in as much of the nice air as possible. Time has gone by here very quickly!

Good night! love, anne


One Response to “Another great day in Anchorage”

  1. Noah Says:

    “clearly, its a little foggy” good one annie awesome

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