Anchorage Day 2

August 13, 2011

Hi Family and Friends!

Today, a fairly uneventful day turned into a Rockin’ evening. I’ll write about the evening. After a long day, I decided to go to a place called Bear’s Tooth theater/pub. It’s the sister restaurant to the place where I ate lunch, Moose’s tooth pizzeria where they brew their own beers. At lunch, I tried their sampler of a few taster-glasses. My favorite was their apple ale something or other, I don’t remember exactly what it’s called. I had some great pizza and salad.

Bear’s tooth was a little different. At 730, it was hopping. The first funny thing that happend was that I walked in and ran right into the mom/daughter/son in law group I met last night! It was nice to see them again and to know someone there!. We laughed a little and it was happy. I got a drink, and spotted a girl that also looked like she was alone! We started talking and I had suddenly made a new friend. Her name is Sam and she’s from Alaska! She hangs out at the Bear’s tooth because it’s a great place, but also because it’s a theater and she had seen a movie earlier. She knew tons of people at the bar and introduced me to a bunch of the regulars.

(Sorry, there are no pictures in this post!) I ate dinner at the bar (halibut tacos – Sam’s recommendation – with some insane sauce), and on my other side sat another lady Melody who is also from Alaska “born and raised!” She talked my ear off, but I liked it. She told me all about the politics in Alaska, how Alaskans don’t like Sarah Palin because (among other reasons) she’s a quitter and they don’t like quitters, and how … okay, she talked about everything.

At one point, the locals decided to officially introduce me to Alaska with a shot called the “Duck Fart”. Hahah! I loved it. It was very much a dessert, consisting of Baileys, Kahlua, and some whiskey. Duck fart.

I don’t think im doing a great job of explaining how much fun I had meeting all these people, eating great food, and learning about Anchorage culture, but please know that it was awesome. Especially because when I left for dinner I was in only an O.K. / Fair mood. I left ecstatic. It was a warm, educational, friendly, fun evening. Tomorrow, I plan to get some fruits for breakfast at a farmers market across the street from my hotel,  and then rent a bike and bike the Coastal Path.

Good Night!!! 🙂


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