Hello to Alaska!

August 12, 2011

Hello to Family and Friends!

The last two days have been extremely busy but also extremely awesome. Wednesday morning, I finished packing and headed to the airport in Lake Charles, anxious to escape the heat. I got a discount when I returned the rental car because it was dirty when they gave it to me, and I thought that on principle I should probably get a discount. So I asked for one nicely and received! Woopy! Here’s a picture of Downtown Anchorage (fourth Avenue to be exact) to start off. Unfortunately the picture shows only about 5% of the beauty here. Doesn’t nearly do it justice. Check out the mountains in the back!

The flight to Dallas was easy. I got a window seat on its own (an aisle as well, it was a very small plane). I noticed that there are a lot of golf courses in Dallas. The flight from Dallas to Anchorage was not so easy. The flight kept getting delayed, and then when we finally boarded we sat on the runway for an hour while they did something or other. Finally we took off. It was a long flight but they had some cool movies. The first was “Rio” an animated film about some birds that takes place in Brazil (great songs), and the second was called Arthur, which I thought was very funny.

I got to Anchorage and had some issues with the rental car (where to find it… it’s not located at the airport) so I got a little anxious and annoyed, but as soon as I stepped outside the airport into the cool Anchorage air, everything was suddenly okay. It was about 55-6o degrees outside, and smelled amazing. Nice.

After I got the rental car, everything went smoothly and I had a great (shortish)  but great night sleep. The fact that it stays light out until 1030 PM is really messing with my body clock! But it’s so cool…

This morning I worked hard, had some meetings, and then had lunch at this famous place called Humpy’s. I got halibut tacos, yum (no house ettoufee baked potato, but still tasty) and some raspberry beer. After finishing, I went to check out their gift shop and look what I found!!!:

haha!! I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to buy the shirt so took a picture instead. This was the ONLY baseball park-shirt they had! So random, but so cool. I hope the sox are doing alright!

By the way, Anchorage is Heavenly. I don’t use that lightly. It’s so my kind of place. Today was a beautifully sunny day, and it was a high of 70 degrees. Most of the time it was cooler, and I even wore a sweater walking around. The people here for the most part dress in casual, technical clothes, almost like they are ready for an impromptu mountaineering trip.

Additionally, it smells amazing. It has that clean Mountain air smell and that’s combined with the scent of reindeer hot dogs cooking on the street. I’ve yet to try one but that’s definitely lunch one day. Here is a picture of the kind of stand that sells Reindeer dogs:

This evening after a long day, I went to Glacier Mountain Brewery (i think that’s what it’s called) for dinner. The wait was over an hour so I sat at the seat-yourself section at the bar.  I sat down and coincidentally the people next to me were from Boston! It was a mom and her daughter and the daughter’s fiancee (mom’s future son in law) that was stationed in the Air Force in Alaska. They happened to know my High School Photography teacher (whose photo I have hanging in my apartment) so we had a small world moment. They were super nice but then they left. Another couple sat down in their place and they were from Vermont! While I didn’t find them as friendly, they were still nice to talk to. Here is a picture of the Brewhouse so you get the effect. It was Hopping!

They have great food — Lots of fishies, and serve their own beer which you can see brewing in a room adjacent to the restaurant that has glass walls. I tried the Raspberry Wheat beer because they didn’t have a belgian white style beer (my favorite / the kind I can stomach the easiest). I’m trying to acquire a taste for beer but it’s difficult.

Now I am back at the hotel, and my eyes are even closing right now I’m so tired. Before going to bed thought I’d like to shoutout to my Bubbie whose birthday is today! I’m not sure how old she is but she looks about 55 years old :). I know you read this and I love you!!!

Love, Anne


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