Goodbye Louisiana

August 10, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

The last two days have been filled with work, some great foods, and a short excursion into Texas. Tomorrow morning, I head out to Anchorage. I am extremely excited to get out of the heat and to get to a new place.  Here’s a picture of Steamboat Bills’ exterior, the seafood place I’ve been talking about.

Today I went back there for my last fix and this time I got their House Baked Potato. Even though it made me a little sick afterwards (my body is not used to this kind of thing) it was so worth it. I felt better after an hour or so.

The house baked potato is a baked potato, but not the microwave kind, the real oven kind that makes the skin crispy mmm and cut in the middle and spread open so it covers the bottom of a bowl. Inside it, they put some cheese, and then on top of that, crawfish etouffee, and on top of that, fried shrimps. It’s topped off with a little sour cream and scallions. Best baked potato I’ve ever had, hands down. However, I feel like it belongs in a ski lodge.

This afternoon around 4:00, I desperately needed a break so I decided to take an hour excursion to Texas. It’s just about 30 miles away. I did this because I could, but also because I wanted to feel closer to Tim Riggins. I went to Orange, the town right over the state line, and saw a high school football stadium (not Dillon Panthers huge, but bigger than my high school’s) and drove back. My mom called when I was driving back and she understood and we did a little Clear Eyes, Full Hearts cheer. That felt so happy.

That’s a picture of the state line. It’s on a bridge because at least where I was Texas and Louisiana are divided by the Sabine river.

Tonight I had the jitters and got a little nervous as I usually do before going on a plane, but that’s over with now and I’m all packed up and ready to go to Alaska! It will be so nice to get out of 100 + degrees heat.

Good night!


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