Liking Louisiana a Lot more!

August 6, 2011

Hello Friends and Family,

I had a great day today! I got up and began work immediately. It was great to see Lake Charles in the daylight for the first time as I arrived yesterday in the dark. After a long morning, I decided to find some lunch. I drove into downtown Lake Charles and stopped where I could find parking, in front of a few cafes. I was thrilled to see some non-chain restaurants and a more historic-looking / “authentic” place. I decided on Luna bar and grill, pictured here.

I ordered what the server recommended, the Neptuna Melt sandwich, which easily ranks in the top 5 things I’ve ever eaten. I tried to take a picture but it didn’t come out so well / wouldn’t have done the sandwich justice anyway. It was: Medium-rare tuna steak with melty provolone cheese with jalapeno-mayo and pickles all on toasty (buttery bread). I know…

After that (and a side salad) I was ready to tackle more work and did just that for many more hours. Then I went back to my hotel room and HOORAY my bag was there. Oh yeah and I saw this store today…

The S&M Family Outlet. HAHAHAHahaha. hahahaa.

Wonder what kind of boots they are selling…

I settled back into the hotel happy to have my suitcase. Then took a shower with my own shampoo (after happily throwing out the silly cinnamon stuff they provided) and spoke on the phone with some loved ones back home (Happy Bday Dad!!) and then went back out to find dinner. I ended up at a place called “Steamboat Bills” for some real Louisiana food.

At steamboat bills, you order at the register and pay, and then sit down and the server brings the food.  I didn’t know what to order but told the hostess I wanted to try some traditional things and she gave some great recommendations.

1. Boudin ball. thought this was O.K. (lahoma! haha just kidding). A Boudin ball is some rice and some kind of meat (I got Crawfish) rolled into a ball and fried. The server said it was “dirty” rice but didn’t know what that meant. As far as Rice Balls go, I am partial to the ones they sell at Ernestos pizza in the north end (risotto balls, they are ridiculous). I thought it was pronounced boo-deeen but apparently it’s pronounced more like “boo-duhhnh”. Could have been cheesier. This is Steamboat Bills:

2. Pistolette, again with crawfish. This is a roll, fried, and cut down the middle and stuffed overflowingly with whatever you want. They have pork and sausage, crawfish, shrimp, etc. That was awesome, the middle stuffing was runny, messy, and extremely tasty  but I couldn’t eat too much of it because there were other things to try, like

3. Gumbo. I really liked this, I got a small cup of the shrimps variety and the taste was fabulous.  The shrimps here are so Tiny! I imagined it would be thicker but it was like soup.

4. Catfish nugget. YUM. taste like any other fried food.

5. Coleslaw. I like how they cut the cabbages and other veggies into extremely tiny pieces and it wasn’t too mayonayse-ey.

So that was my louisiana foodstravaganza tasting. Pretty good! I may or may not go back to steamboat bills for lunch on Monday or Tuesday to get a sandwich. After dinner, I went back to Luna bar and grill to see some live music. I met a chemical engineer from Texas that’s been working here in Lake Charles for 25 years. I asked him for suggestions for what to do tomorrow (it’s Sunday… day off!!!) and he said maybe I could go to the Tabasco factory, which about an hour away and he thinks it may be open. They have tours!  I’ll either do that or go to Baton Rouge, which is about two hours away.  (or both!??).

Anyway, time to read and sleep, clearly a busy day is ahead. and Tomorrow is my brother Eddie’s birthday! Happy birthday eddayyyyy.




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