hello to Louisiana

August 6, 2011

Hi Family and Friends,

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Lake Charles, Louisiana. My first impression of Lake Charles has been slightly dampened by the fact that my bags got lost in Dallas, there are jumping bugs everywhere (I told them to get the F off me but they don’t care), and the hotel is totally gross. I’m supposed to be in the non-smoking section but I have been led to believe that the line between the smoking and non smoking sections is more than a little blurry. The room is large, though, and I got some wine to drink. It’s only 5 nights, and I imagine that after the weekend things will die down a little. For example, the bachelor party across the hall will probably be finished. Also, the toiletries the hotel provides smell like cinnamon. Whose genius idea was that? Cinnamon is not refreshing at all. I can’t wait for my bag so I can use my Pert and my own soaps.

Today I went to downtown Tulsa before the airport and that was cool, I saw Boston avenue and South Boston avenue. πŸ™‚

Pictures to come, I’m so excited to get in bed! This was an exhausting day. Good luck to my mom and uncles, who are biking in the Pan Mass tomorrow. πŸ™‚

I am looking forward to exploring Lake Charles!!!

Love, Anne

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