Goodbye Oklahoma!

August 4, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m packing up, doing laundry (it’s complimentary at the hotel!) and getting ready to go to Lake Charles, Louisiana.  I ate for the third time at Frank and Lola’s because it’s clearly the coolest place in town. Here’s a picture. Bartender Mike is at the computer. he has become my friend over the past few days. He invited me to karaoke (think that’s the right spelling) but I passed. I thought it would be best to check into tomorrow’s flights, wrap up my work (try to do some things on the computer that I was having trouble with this afternoon… it’s always easier after a restart) and relax.

Yesterday at Frank and Lola’s I sat with a super cool high power woman. Shes a contractor and has worked all around the world.  I was in awe. She had worked in many different industries and it was especially cool that she was so accomplished because she was from a place in the south where women were looked down upon for working. She said that her old friends were making fun of her at her recent high school reunion because of her lifestyle. This lady happened to be from Louisiana and she told me about amazing things to eat there. She actually went to high school in Lake Charles, the city I’m going to. She said that Lake Charles is much more exciting than Bartlesville (no way) and that men will buy me drinks left and right because it’s a very chivalrous place. Whoopy!

Today after work I decided to take a drive. I ended up in Kansas!

I thought it might have been further but Kansas is only 17 miles away. I chatted with some ladies in the Bank of America in Kansas, and then I drove back. When I was little I had a babysitter from Kansas Stephanie. She was from Topeka. I was no where near Topeka but closer to it than I’ve ever been before. I saw some road kill and some strange bugs. I’m happy to say that I’ve been to Kansas! Now I am getting pre-flight Jitters like I always get. I’m a little sad to leave the hotel (it has a kitchenette!!) and my trusty rental Impala.

…  not in Kansas anymore!! hahahahaha.

Had to do it.

Well, all in all, I liked Bartlesville, but it’s time to move on. Definitely! I’ll think of it fondly because it was a great start to my adventures as a surveyor!

Love and kisses to everyone! See you in Louisiana!!!!!


One Response to “Goodbye Oklahoma!”

  1. travelingmad Says:

    Oklahoma is a place I can say that I have been!
    Bonne chance (Good Luck) on your time in Lousiana.

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