More Oklahoma

August 2, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Today I had a great day in Bartlesville. I got a lot of work done and feel like I have a sense of the town.

It’s extremely hot here. That was not the hottest my thermometer said but it was not safe to take a picture when it was 115 degrees and safety is my number one priority. Of course. It’s not muggy, though. Even at 8:30pm when I was driving home from dinner it was 105 degrees.

I ate dinner at a cool place called Frank and Lola’s.

It’s in Downtown Bartlesville. It was recommended to me by everyone I asked. I was not disappointed.

My hotel is in more of the strip malls area and the “downtown” is a 7-10 minute drive. At the restaurant, I sat next to a guy Sean who owns a print/copy company in Bartlesville. I chatted with him and with the bartender Mike. I’ll definitely go back there. The food was fabulous. They have a “famous” green chili with pork. I thought it was spectacular tasting (especially compared to some other food I’ve eaten here) and I told Sean I didn’t wasn’t really used to eating pork and he asked why and then I said something other than “cause im a jew!”.

I didn’t want to tell him that because I had a conversation with another guy in a supermarket today and he said some things about Jewish politicians that made me think it might be a good idea to keep my religous background on the DL.

Other than that, everyone here is super nice. Sean tols me that the local special is a “hot hamburger” which is a hamburger on Texas Toast (thick soft toast) with cheese, onions, french fries, and brown gravy on top. You can get it at a place called Murphys.  I’m not sure I’ll be trying that.

When I show my ID, people are like “wow… Massachusetts!! why are you down here?” and it feels great to say “oh im on business.” yeah.

Here’s something funny:

I think it’s funny as I am a fan of The Shining.

The hotel continues to be awesome and it’s nice and freezing. In their free movie rentals, they have American Psycho AND The Fifth Element. I may have scared the concierge with my enthusiasm for those movies especially because she has not seen them. They are in my top 5.

So, in conclusion, while the Oklahoma that i’m experiencing is not exactly the sweet-smelling waving wheat place that I learned about from my Bowen School 5th Grade play “Oklahoma!”, it’s pretty interesting. Maybe it will be more like that when I explore away from the town. I’m not sure yet if the wind comes right behind the rain becuase it certainly has not rained. And I have not seen any hawks making lazy circles in the sky. I’m looking for them. They are certainly not at Wal Mart.

Also, the radio stations are pretty good. I’ve heard Queen twice, and the Eagles, and of course Party Rockers and Super Bass. The book I’m reading is also Great. it’s called The Social Animal by David Brooks. Thanks for the recommendation Mom!

xoxoxoxo!!! time to return some video tapes.


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